May 1

image011.jpgThe Trybrid design team faces a nasty problem that faces many of us in the drive to deploy the new energy, namely, conventional batteries just cannot hold enough power to store the continuous power stream flowing from the large photovoltaic solar cells. For example, if we were to use say 146 batteries as pictured, which is a lithium, 24 volt 40 amp, best of breed batteries from LifeBatt, weighing in at 16.8kgs each, a total of 2452kg, we could drain all 146 batteries at ‘full stick’ in just 20 minutes. At a retail price of US$1820, or a total of US $265,720, that’s a lot of money and weight to be all spent in 20 minutes! Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 30

kim-carr.jpg In a watershed change, Australians elected a new Labor Government on November 24, 2007, and 5 days later, Senator Kim Carr was appointed as the new Minister for Science Innovation and Research. We heartily congratulate the Rudd government win, and with it, Senator Carr’s well earned appointment. Listen to what Senator Kim Carr kim-carr-on-trybrid.mp3 had to say in a Radio Port Douglas interview about the Trybrid project on October 25, two days after meeting with the Trybrid design team, together with senior academics at the Australian Marine College in Launceston.

The change in government opens new doors of opportunity to all those concerned about climate change, and whose projects, like Trybrid, are bursting to contribute solutions to the threat of a carbon driven, dangerous climate change. Read the rest of this entry »

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